What is freeze-dried candy? Specialized equipment is utilized to heat/freeze the candy in order to wick all the moisture out of the candy that makes it chewy. The result is a light crispy or crunchy texture that is easy on teeth. Since there is the dehydration of water process, it leaves behind a more concentrated candy flavor that makes everyone’s taste buds happy!

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#1. “Slutty Muffins” is in no way affiliated with, has a sponsorship association, or represents in any matter the candy manufacturers listed on our site.

#2. The Trademarks for these candies are exclusive to each manufacturer and are NOT owned or claimed to be owned by Slutty Muffins.

#3. The freeze-dried candy sold on this site IS NOT created by or sold by the manufacturer of the actual candy. Deception of the source or origin is strictly prohibited.

#4. The candy that is used to freeze dry ARE AUTHENTIC candies however, once the candy has been freeze-dried, the texture and sometimes the taste changes so, the candy sold on this site HAS BEEN MODIFIED by Slutty Muffins

#5. When the weather is a factor (i.e. extreme heat/humidity), Slutty Muffins will temporarily halt the sale of any item(s) that can be adversely affected. We take pride in everything we do so, we will not take a chance that your product is melted or damaged by the heat.

#6. Most freeze-dried candy items are pretty durable and can withstand the rigorous handling of shipping carriers during transportation (i.e. shipping) however, there are several freeze-dried candy items (mostly gummy items) that are extremely fragile and can easily crumble when mishandled during shipping. We take every step possible to make sure you receive all items intact, which includes but is not limited to marking your package (i.e. box) with fragile stickers, wrapping delicate items in bubble wrap, and the overall method in which we pack your order (i.e. box). Since we do not control the handling of packages, we are not responsible if an item is damaged during shipping. *Items that are fragile are marked with “This item is FRAGILE and can be crushed during shipping if not handled correctly” in the item description.

#7. EVERY MACHINE IS THOROUGHLY CLEANED after each use however, we do produce some items that contain peanuts, if you do have a peanut allergy, we recommend that you choose not to purchase any of our items. We value your safety more than your purchase and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


ALL photos posted on our website are owned by Slutty Muffins, and includes but is not limited to logos, item photos, and candy character images.


Slutty Muffins will use either USPS (Post Office) or UPS (United Parcel Service) as the primary shipping carrier. Please note that shipping times will vary.

Once an order has been placed, you will receive an “Order Confirmation” email. If the shipping (i.e. delivery address) is incorrect, you have 12 Hrs. from the time the order was placed to submit the correction.

If an order is shipped with incorrect or missing information, we will not be responsible nor will a refund be issued so PLEASE make sure the delivery address is correct!

If your order has already been shipped, there’s nothing we can do to correct a shipping (delivery) address and a refund will not be issued. Remember, these are perishable (consumable) items and can not be returned so, it’s up to the customer to make sure all information provided (i.e. shipping address) is correct.

Once an order has been picked up by a carrier or delivered to a carrier facility, Slutty Muffins is no longer responsible for your package.

If you need to make a shipping (delivery) address change, please contact us at 978-464-1144


ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE YOU PLACE THE ORDER ONLINE. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns.

#1. Freeze-dried candy & desserts are perishable items and to be in compliance with The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) policies, SLUTTY MUFFINS will not accept any returns. Consumables (i.e. food products) can not be returned.

#2. SLUTTY MUFFINS will not issue refunds for incorrect or missing shipping information.