Like Sour Starburst ™


Freeze-dried Like Sour Starburst ™ are a delightful twist on the classic chewy candy, offering a whole new way to experience those tangy fruit flavors

Here’s what you can expect:

 Light and crunchy: Gone is the familiar chew, replaced by a satisfyingly airy and crispy texture that melts in your mouth. The freeze-drying process concentrates the sour and sweet candy flavors, making them pop in your mouth with each bite.
Sour punch: Expect a powerful puckering sourness that lingers on your tongue, followed by the familiar Starburst fruit sweetness.
 Variety of flavors: You can find freeze-dried Like Sour Starburst ™ in all the original flavors like strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon, or even mixed fruity concoctions.
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